Michael Bilbrey


For The CalPERS Board of Administration

I am seeking re-election to the at-large seat that I currently hold on the CalPERS Board of Administration, because I want to continue being a voice for all CalPERS members. I have the experience, education and skills to lead effectively. I will continue to protect our defined benefit pensions because I know how hard we have worked to earn and contribute to them. I am a dependable leader who listens to you, the CalPERS members and will be your voice as well. My goal is to ensure the system’s stability and efficiency so we can have our retirement security for life. Another goal is to provide quality and accessible CalPERS health care for the more than 1.2 million members and beneficiaries who receive these health care benefits.

It’s important to have leaders who will work to strengthen CalPERS while maintaining openness and transparency. I have a track record of being accessible and responsive, and of doing what’s best for the membership. I am clear on my role as a fiduciary for you, the members, and take that responsibility very seriously.

Public employee pension systems are under attack. CalPERS needs leaders who can build coalitions and will fight to protect defined-benefit pensions. I continue being that candidate who you can trust. Please vote for me, Michael Bilbrey, during the CalPERS election period Sept. 1-Oct. 2

Please support Michael Bilbrey for the CalPERS Board!