For The CalPERS Board of Administration

It takes 250 signed and validated CalPERS member signatures to return my name to the ballot. On Tuesday, May 14, I submitted 10,833 signatures. I am overwhelmed with gratitude toward those who have signed my petitions and those who have worked so hard to collect them.

I was initially elected to finish the term of CSEA Past President and long-time CalPERS Board member, Kurato Shimada, which only gave me 2 years of a normal 4-year term. I consider it a privilege to serve you as a CalPERS Board member; and I seek to continue to be the voice of the members both active and retired on the Board.

It has never been more important to elect CalPERS Board members who will fight to protect defined-benefit pensions, preserve and improve CalPERS healthcare programs, and increase CalPERS transparency. I am that candidate. Please vote to re-elect me, Michael Bilbrey to the CalPERS Board.

When your CalPERS Ballot arrives, please Vote for Michael Bilbrey for the CalPERS Board!